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The consensus is that today's "Hillary Call-In" may have been the best of them all. It was almost entirely a character driven piece, So the burden of making it funny was almost all on your shoulders.  You a great comic talent. Rosemary.    -Ross Abrash, (The Howard Stern Show, Jimmy Kimmel, SNL)

I just laughed out loud continuously through all of those takes. Amazing! I'm going to have a hard time choosing. You are literally the best!  -Mark Douglas, Key of Awesome

Rosemary has been part of several productions I have done over the years in TV series, mobile apps and other venues. As an animation producer, the voice actor role is extremely important in creating the personality of the character. Rosemary has simply been outstanding. Her acting talent is only matched by her professionalism and integrity. I would work with her again anytime and plan to do so!  -David Hamby, DoubleTake Media Solutions


One of the show’s finest directorial choices occurs when Mitch’s girlfriend Janine sings, “The Very Thought of You” in voiceover. Rosemary Watson’s rendition is magical, a perfect use of music to convey emotion and the ideal voice to bring pleasure to a dying man. -Joel Hirschhorn, Variety​


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