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Blessed with a very vanilla voice and a pair of fat ears that she can no longer hide with her newly cropped

hair, Rosemary has been selling her very normal-sounding, God-given, average American mom, lady-next-door, girlfriend, wife, pitch-woman, classic spokeswoman voice to world-renown and not so renown brands since she hunkered down and built a home-studio in 2007.  Since then it has been nothing but talking out loud to herself everyday all day.

A speedy engineer, she has delivered thousands of TV / radio / web ads to satisfied customers across all kinds of industry from the military to fashion to banking and even a company that did all three. It was very strange.

Need medical narration? A Youtube video or an in-house training app? An educational video for children? An e-learning course that teaches you how to become a voice actor? Whatever your sonic needs, Rosemary's top-notch production will help you get the job done. Check out some of the demos below, and as always her Youtube channel holds many more treasures for those willing to cross the high internet seas.  

My first time at COMIC CON! What  a good time.  We read The Wizard of Oz in various voices. Check it out to see the truly famous voice actors I got to sit with. But first check out this page before you go.   

A Bunch-O-Reels
Dr. Praeger's Kale Veggie Burger
Better real estate tours

If you don't know. . . I own Go check it out if you need a narrated virtual tour. And why wouldn't you!

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