One of the show’s finest directorial choices occurs when Mitch’s girlfriend Janine sings, “The Very Thought of You” in voiceover. Rosemary Watson’s rendition is magical, a perfect use of music to convey emotion and the ideal voice to bring pleasure to a dying man. 
-Joel Hirschhorn, Variety​

Various Styles for Recording - Rosemary Watson
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Our jazzy old-timey tune, "I'm Hitting the Road With You" got used in a bloody dream sequence on NCIS NOLA! Written and recorded by Rosemary Watson and Pete Peterkin


What's Going On! Party in the Basement is a high-energy, HAPPY show  that MUST be experienced. Iconic music  mixed with fun and funny imagery centered around artists like Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Marvin Gaye, Carole King and more. 

This wildly creative hour plus show is a contemporary mash up of the best

'70s variety show and a glitzy '50s Vegas lounge act.  
Customizable from a 6-17 piece band

VEGAS '69,
Come Swing With Us!