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Music and Such

One of the show’s finest directorial choices occurs when Mitch’s girlfriend Janine sings, “The Very Thought of You” in voiceover. Rosemary Watson’s rendition is magical, a perfect use of music to convey emotion and the ideal voice to bring pleasure to a dying man. 
-Joel Hirschhorn, Variety​

Rosemary is a creative genius when it comes to all things live, taped, recorded and/or written. It's not what can she do - it's more- what can't she do? The only thing I haven't seen her actually do is synchronized swimming.
Everything else she does, really, really well. Really.
-Carlette Taylor, PEP Creative, San Diego.

Our jazzy old-timey tune, "I'm Hitting the Road With You" got used in a bloody dream sequence (HA!) on NCIS NOLA! Written and recorded by Rosemary Watson and Pete Peterkin and Chris Rhyne. Also available on Instagram/TikTok

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