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I can’t thank you enough for the great job you did. You have unbelievable talent! I had so many people ask who you were, so I started “agent-ing” you out and telling them how to find you! I will definitely hire you again, you are the best!!

 -Ron Vlasic, Kimpton® Hotels & Restaurants

You are a rockstar and everyone at the conference enjoyed your presentation. It was serious, fun, hilarious and most of all memorable. Thank you for contributing to our success.

-Debra Rosen, President/CEO North San Diego Business Chamber

Need a funny emcee for your live event or a speaker that will leave your guests so uplifted they'll forget that the salads took forever to be served? Call me.



Rosemary Watson Impostor Syndrome.jpg

Ever felt like a fake? Like everyone else has the "right" credentials, or superior skills and it's just a matter of time before you'll be found out for the imposter that you are?  Rosemary and 25 of her voices will assure you you aren't alone in this one-of-a-kind 25+- minute keynote that will touch on how to get your wig on straight, laugh your way out of fear, and step into the part you were destined to play.

Having suffered herself from years of stage fright and plain ole stinkin' thinkin' Rosemary's story

is relatable and inspirational.


Whether you need Rosemary to host your town hall as Diane Sawyer (or any of the other women she impersonates) or you need a couple of quick-witted emcees to do impressions during your musical concert Rosemary will deliver the goods. She is as seasoned as they come and mostly very very original. She can recommend other co-host/impersonators like the gentlemen pictured here. Your script will be tailored to ensure your guests feel special and leave saying, WOW!

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