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Rosemary Watson is a joy-maker

Welcome to the homepage for Rosemary Watson whose mission is to make the world more fun, because frankly, there are lots of un-fun things about the place. So for a moment, leave whatever is weighing you down and have a good old-fashioned belly laugh over an impression or some feel good vibes over a song she sings. Like her idol, and friend, Carol Burnett, this is entertainment for a weary world.



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Too lazy or too smart to have an Instagram account? Here! I've made it easy for you to spy on me.



Wow all I can say is wow this workbook and all the content, humor, insight , wisdom and mental pictures took me on such a ride emotionally, mentally & physically. This is the kind of workbook that the world needs so that more people can fully show up in their light. I was beyond motivated by the words literally jumping off the page and into my soul. I took time to visualize so many parts literally and could feel butterflies starting to soar within combined with my inner wildfire that for awhile had felt like just a flame. The manner in which you write allows the reader to be present and fully enjoy the ride ! Job well done Rosemary !! I can’t wait to one day attend your book launch and get a signed copy. You made the decision to show up in LIFE and because you did so will so many others in the world  - Kristy S.

 It was like you personally made the workbook just for me to overcome my fears. You definitely on to something with this!  FANTASTIC JOB!!!! - Ric M.



Some memories of special people and moments from my career.

With my person and Marion Ross, Mrs. C.

At the GI Film Festival with George Takei

Backstage talking about Carol B with Whoopi G

Two guys I love to work with. Johnny D and Reggie Brown.

With Mark Evanier and Jim Meskimen 2022

The Society of Voice Arts & Sciences 2018 Award Ceremony. I was nominated for Outstanding Body of Work, Best VO.

Playing Hillary Clinton in VO

A SUPER FUN thrill to be part of their first ever LIVE show, before a live audience. I was on set all week to read for Hillary Clinton in VO.

Mark Evanier, Zeno Robinson, Kaitlin Robrock, Jim Meskimen, Fred Tatasciore

Nothing like singing with a KILLER big band.

Got to go in the Press Room too.jpg I answered the tough questions.jpg

Access to the WH Press room. Faked my way in.

Playing Marge in a presentation for the N. San Diego Business Chamber's Award Show.

An actual modeling gig.

First show one of my originals songs I co-wrote and sing on was used.

Hosting The Cabaret Awards.

With my friends at The Howard Stern Show

was a fun night goin' back in time with wonderful musicians who lifted me way up.jpg What's Going On

From my show What's Going On at The Brooks Theater.


From my show called Vegas '69 Come Swing With Us. Peter Marin is GOLD FINGER.

People who know my secrets. I'm the baby.


In 2013, Carol Burnett invited me to perform at The Kennedy Center alongside the folks in this picture. To say it was a surreal and incredible experience is the understatement of the century. I am forever indebted to Carol for this magnanimous gesture of kindness and the many, many other gifts she bestowed on this 'unknown' artist all to pay it forward to a person she did not know. #belikeCarol is a hashtag I came up with and I am sure in time it will be used by everyone. I know that I am not the only person who Carol has helped in this fashion. To read more about my experience head over to my blog. There are reasons some people are legends. She is not only the Queen of Comedy, she is the industry's FairyGodmother. #carolburnett

The celebrities celebrating Carol Burnett at the Mark Twain Prize for Humor

Rosemary Watson, Luci Arnaz, Tina Fey, Tony Bennett, Vicki Lawrence, Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, Julie Andrews, Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Martin Short, Maya Rudolph

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