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Welcome, to RosemaryWatson dot com. My name is Chloe Zanzibar. But, please, just call me, Rosemary. No need to make things complicated. It's bad enough that I am a multi-hyphenate.

Suffice it to say, I am THRILLED that you are here. I pay a lot for this site and, well, have been doing so now for about 20-30 years! (Good God, I'm already getting personal and you haven't  even been offered water.)  Anyway, come on in. 

I can offer you a page for VOICES, MUSIC, COMEDY, IMPERSONATIONS, a BLOG, a place to BUY my services and a FORUM where a whole mess-o-fans are sitting around in togas waiting to talk about my many issues.  

With that, I shall leave you to your scrolling; I would just ask that you kindly pick up after yourself. I'm a mother of a teenager and have a dog with a barfing issue. That's barfing with an "f". . .not barking with a "k." If only things were as simple as saying your own name, but such is the life of an artiste with an "e."


With love, I remain.

Totally not my real signature, fyi.

Latest News

Some of the characters Rosemary sounds likes. . . 

But can she talk?

Martha helped VIONIC shoes sell some slippers on TikTok.
People prefer the 'soft sell.'

I gotta admit, this video made some waves with over 2M views and it's a bit odd to share here cuz it's not my usual schtick. But ya know sometimes a girl just wants to fight for things worth fighting for; like people. (PS: videos of this nature have been moved to the TikTok channel RosemaryThinks.)  

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