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I finished writing and recording a memoir!! It's just not mine. I figured until Melania Trump gets hers out, I would do one up for her. It's like a placeholder.

So, if you love political satire, and if you love political satire written by a woman, which is about as common as a golden tiger (look it up) you've come to the right page. If you love political satire but you hate to read, even better! Sit back and let my voice tell you the story. . .only it's not my voice that I'll be using. Hey, it's Melania's book. I don't write the rules.  Oh, yah. It's not really a 'book' you'll be buying. Books are for suckers and losers. It's a comedy album.

It's clean (ignore the explicit rating. . . I used the word, 'damn' and it got kicked into that category.) It's hilarious. It's rare, like a golden tiger written and read by a female satirist.

Be Coming & Be Going: My 3.5 Years in the White House.
Written, Performed, Engineered and Published by The Melania Book & Rosemary Watson. The Melania Book is a one-hour comedy album sold where all funny music stuff is sold on the web.

Be Coming Be Going Book Cover3withRose.j

Sometimes the best personal memoirs are written by other people. 

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