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Thanks for stopping by. This is the official website for entertainer Rosemary Watson. Many other websites "may look alike," so please take note of the number on your claim check to ensure you're in the right place. If you are, take your time unpacking this website as things may have shifted.


Enjoy the sites, sounds and smells. I've put in about 30 years creating this stuff so my hope is that there is something here for everyone. I'm spinning plates as fast as I can, people!! We got comedy, music, voices, impersonations, blogs, a place to buy my services and a forum where a whole mess-o-fans are sitting around in togas waiting to talk about my many many issues.

With that, I shall take my leave and leave you to your scrolling. I would just ask that you kindly pick up after yourself. I'm a mother of a teenager and have a dog with a barfing issue. And yes, that's barfing with an "f". . .not barking with a "k."

If only things were that simple but such is the life of an artiste with an "e."

With love, gratitude and a big smile I remain.

Rosemary Watson

Totally not my real signature, fyi.